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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Make A Reservation:

We now have the capability for online reservations, which will show availability as well. Weekends book fast, so I recommend booking online once your dates are confirmed. It is easier to book online, but please feel free to call if you have any trouble. At the time of the reservation 50% of the total booking is charged on your card and applied to the rental. The balance of the rental charge and the security deposit will be charged in person at the time of the rental. (Weekend rates apply from December 23 – January 5th)

Cancellation Policy:

We ask that should you need to cancel your reservation that you call or email at least 7 days before the rental date. Should you need to cancel within the seven day period we will will try to re-book your equipment to alleviate your responsibility. Whatever portion we cannot fill you will be billed for. Since we usually only fill up on weekends in January and February, we ask you lock in your plans before booking a snowmobile.

Insufficient Snow Cancellation:

Lack of snow is always a worry. If lack of snow is an issue and Snowblitz Snowmobile Rentals determines it is not rideable, there is no charge. We will make every effort to move sleds to another location if conditions allow. However snow conditions are very subjective, what one considers OK to good conditions, another would consider terrible. So, WE will make the determination.


For each sled, a $1000 damage deposit is required. A charge will be placed on the card, and canceled once the sled comes back with no damage. If a sled is damaged (broken light, windshield, body panels, etc.) you will be responsible for the cost of parts and labor, as well as any missed rental time stemming from the repairs. Parts can take several days to get in stock, which can lead to a rather high bill. If a sled is totaled, you will be charged for the working value of the unit (you do NOT get the keep the wrecked sled). Easiest way to avoid this is taking care of the sleds and riding according to your skill level.

Service Calls/Recovery:

Breakdowns and accidents will happen. We take care of mechanical breakdowns during hours free of charge. However, if you have a rental that goes beyond our 5:30 PM closing time, you are responsible for getting the sled back to a trail head and keeping it safe until we open in the morning. Leaving a sled abandoned will lead to an additional charge. Should you need a recovery due to operator error/damage (losing key, breaking key, running into tree, etc), there will be a service charge based on mileage and time. Minimum service charge is $25.


We charge $5.00 per gallon used upon your return, Most machines will last a day on a tank of fuel, a little less if snow is heavy or two up, it is always suggested to fill up at lunch just to be safe. Regular 87 Oct. is fine. Fuel prices subject to change.

What are the Trails like:

Grand Traverse trails are hilly, (Michigan hills anyway), windy and scenic. They are not wide open race tracks like the U.P. Sure you can go fast in places, but not 80 MPH for an hour. The main trails are marked by Snowmobile Council Volunteers and they do a great job, however there are so many side trails and two tracks that even the best navigators may have some trouble. Maps are provided and trails are sign posted. On the weekends there are plenty of other riders to ask for directions.

Planning Your Day on the Trails:

Usually your day goes as follows. Leave Snowblitz Snowmobile Rentals 8:30 to 9:00 am, one of three trails can be taken right out of our car park. We recommend that you ride to a place for lunch, i.e. Gordy’s Place in Fife Lake, or one of many in the town of Kalkaska or come right back to Peegeo’s Food and Spirits and enjoy a top notch meal. This takes 2-4 hours with Kalkaska having a warming station. Find food and warmth, eat, get gas and head back, the same or a different way. From Snowblitz Snowmobile Rentals there are multiple routes you can go depending on what itinerary you choose and we are happy to help you pick the route that best suits your needs. Keep in mind that it does get dark around 5:30ish and you would not want to try to find your way back in the dark for the first time. You will notice everybody uses hand signals on the trail. When confronted with another rider going the other way, slow down and put your right hand up. The number of fingers you show should indicate the number of riders behind you, each person behind should do the same until the person at the end has clenched fist. Trails are usually one car width wide with no center line and traffic going both directions. Be careful on all blind corners and hills. Please do not ride on frozen lakes. Items To Bring:

Items To Bring:

• Cell phone, store close to your body to save your battery
• Sunglasses
• Back pack, snack pack and water, no cans as they often puncture
• Insulated boots, gloves and a neck warmer
• Warm clothes and an adventurous attitude
• We sell disposable heat pads

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